I felt really stuck in my life and my astrology session with Mary confirmed the changes that I had been thinking about, but felt too afraid to pursue. Our nest session was a past life regression. Wow! The combination of realizing how my challenges in this lifetime were connected to not one, but a few, different lifetimes really resonated with me. I felt free. Thank you, Mary!

Toni P, Nashville, TN

I have been seeing Mary as my astrologer for over 15 years. She has done charts for my entire family, friends, and even my newborn grandson, and her insights are amazing. She uses astrology, as well as her intuitive abilities to give spot-on readings. Her accurate predictions always amaze me, plus I really enjoy reading her monthly astrological updates. Thank you, Mary, you are the best!

Lara C., London, UK

Mary really helped me to change my life when I had my first astrology reading with her a few years ago. Since then we do yearly updates, which I look forward to every year on my birthday. I also have done a few Egyptian Oracle card readings with her. Her Egyptian readings are amazingly accurate, and the beauty of the cards blows me away! We have also done dream consultations whenever I need input on interpreting complicated dreams. I love it all!

Stephanie R. Seattle Washington

My first tour with Mary was so much fun back in 2017 that I decided to take my daughter back with me in 2018 for her graduation and my husband for our anniversary Nile cruise last year. I highly recommend travel with Mary. Everything is first class with amazing hotels and her knowledge of ancient (and modern) Egypt is exceptional. I felt very safe putting my family in her hands. I look forward to returning when the Grand Egyptian Museum opens! Save me a spot, Mary!

Anne K., Los Angeles, CA

I LOVE being in Egypt with Mary and her “Goddess Team”. We do it all…the private access to the temples, Nile cruise, meeting exceptional people and making life-long friends, and best of all just soaking up the magic and mystery of Egypt without any stress. I have been on two trips with Mary and looking forward to my next. If you are thinking of going to Egypt, you must go with Mary!

Paula S., Virginia Beach, Va.

Egypt was a “once in a lifetime” trip for me, and there were many tours to choose from. A good friend of mine recommended Mary, as she had gone to Egypt with her on a spiritual journey a few years ago, and they experienced private time inside the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx for 11:11. It sounded like something I would love to do also. I was not disappointed when I traveled with Mary in 2022. Mary had a way of “clearing space” in the temples, so we experienced private time wherever we went. All the Egyptian guardians knew her, so we were allowed access to some very special places, not normally open to tourists. I especially enjoyed experiencing Egyptian culture up close and personal when we visited Luxor and making many new friends along the way. I recommend traveling with Mary 110 % !!

Susan G., Jupiter, Florida

Thank you, Mary, for your Goddess Sekhmet course. I have done a number of courses but Mary, yours really spoke to me. I have been looking for some deeper connection to Sekhmet and your meditations allowed me to go there. I can't thank you enough for bringing this at a time I needed most. Much love to you. Thank you.

Linda S., Carpenteria California

Over the course of my entire adult life, I had been experiencing problematic romantic relationships, as well as money problems. After a very traumatic divorce and bankruptcy, I was ready to give up on ever being happy in a relationship. I did not see how love and my financial problems were connected until I signed up for Mary’s “ Venus Rising” course this past spring. It was amazing to learn how my personal Venus patterns were operating in my psyche, and how I had the capacity to change them during the current Venus in Leo cycle. I will never look at my relationships the same way again, and now I am truly looking forward to experiencing my next relationship since I have learned so much about myself. It was truly an enlightening course. Thank you so much!

Patricia M, Philadelphia, Pa



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